In recognizing aerospace industry trends, AJR has purchased and is
in the process of installing another 6000 additional hours per year of
large capacity 5 Axis machining with the addition of a Makino D800Z.
AJR will be the first one in the United States with this latest
technology / equipment.
1)  5 Axis Makino   CNC D800Z  * 5 Axis*       
117 toolchanger 18,000 RPM Spindle
Machine Size (47'' X 43" X 25'')
June 18th 2014
A.J.R. Industries, Inc.
117 Gordon St   
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
Phone : 847.439.0380   Fax
: 847.439.0230
July 3rd  2014 Install complete in
two weeks manufacturing parts
August 2018 AJR adds another CMM
Mitutoyo Crysta Apex S9106
Programmable CMM
October 2018 AJR adds pressure
purge capabilities to clean casting
core lines of F.O.D. in final
process. Two stage Filtration 8
micron and 1 Micron