In recognizing aerospace industry trends, AJR has purchased and is
in the process of installing another 6000 additional hours per year of
large capacity 5 Axis machining with the addition of a Makino D800Z.
AJR will be the first one in the United States with this latest
technology / equipment.
1)  5 Axis Makino   CNC D800Z  * 5 Axis*       
117 toolchanger 18,000 RPM Spindle
Machine Size (47'' X 43" X 25'')
June 18th 2014
A.J.R. Industries, Inc.
117 Gordon St   
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
Phone : 847.439.0380   Fax
: 847.439.0230
July 3rd  2014 Install complete in two
weeks manufacturing parts
August 2018 AJR adds another CMM
Mitutoyo Crysta Apex S9106
Programmable CMM