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Aerospace and Defense


Defense; F-22 Raptor, JSF F-35, F/A-18 E/F Super Hornet, JAS 39,
V-22 Osprey, B1-B, B-2, Boeing 737 Wedgetail, Boeing P8, B-52, C5-A,
C-130, F-16, CH-47 Chinook, Apache Helicopter.Ground Systems; Navy
MK45 Mod 4, DD21, EFV, IAV Styker, HIMARS, NLOS Cannon, AAAV

Commerical:  AirbusA380, Boeing 787 Dreamliner, Bombardier Q-400,
Gulfstream,  BeechCraft, Bell helicopter,206,407,427, Sikorsky S-92 &
many other military and commercial fixed and rotor wing aircraft.

Space: Space Shuttle, Boeing Delta EELV, Hope, Aries Crew Launch

Hospital /Health Care Capping Equipment for Vials

Pfizer Add-Vantage System

National Laboratories / Scientific Applications
Optical Equipment for the A.P.S.
Parts & Programs
Materials machined for scientific
applications are Tungsten, Invar,
and Titanium