AJR Industries Recertified for
Supplier Gold Status with
United Technologies Corporation for 2017
Elk Grove, IL  August 2017 AJR Industries was once again re-certified
as Supplier Gold. This award demonstrates AJR’s
best in class quality,
delivery, implementation of lean manufacturing processes, and strong
customer feedback over a 12 month period. Only 15 of UTC’s 5000
suppliers have achieved Supplier Gold Status, which is reviewed on an
annual basis.

AJR’s employees have proven to be our greatest asset on our Lean Six
Sigma culture with continued support from United Technologies (UTAS
Aerospace Systems). AJR has raised the standard becoming the first in
the complex machining supplier to receive this recognition. AJR has the
vision to recognize that our company needs to be continually refining our
process to maintain and improve from this level.
Alan Wojtowicz